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Android (2009)
For Kinkerbrug Amsterdam
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To Hell! (2005-2009)
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design flyer: Roel van Timmeren
Instrumentation: One drawbridge, eleven speakers, four barriercabinets and seven drain holes

Duration: ± 12 minutes

Running: june 27 - october 30, 2009

Made for: Kinkerbrug Amsterdam

Commisioned by: ILAP (Indoor Land Art Program) / Roel van Timmeren

In collaboration with: Rozalie Hirs, Huba de Graaff and Gerda Geertens

audio sample
Click for a short video coverage by AT5 about the project on the site of het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
(in Dutch)
(voorbeeldprojecten 2009)
"A drawbridge was changed into a moving sound sculpture called 'Android'. Four composers were invited to write a piece that should unite with the movement of the bridge.

From the moment the bridge opens till it closes for navigation traffic, the music composed by Gerda Geertens, Huba de Graaff, Rozalie Hirs and Mayke Nas is sounding.
(Roel van Timmeren)