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Behind the Scenes (2012)
For four saxophone-players and four percussion-players
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photo: Guy Kokken
Instrumentation: sopr-sax, alt-sax, ten-sax, bar-sax, three octobans, two bongo's, hi-hat, drumsticks and equivocal imitation-skills

Duration: ± 9 minutes

First Performance: 4th of october 2012 in the Singel in Antwerp by Bl!ndman sax & drums

Commissioned by: Bl!ndman (BE)


1. West Side Story
2. Groundhog Day

There are those iconic movies whose narrative structure, the atmosphere, a specific scene or the music are etched into our collective memory. You only have to say the sentence "We'll always have Paris" to evoke a whole world of (black & white) images and emotions. Say "West Side Story" and the rival gangs whirl through the streets of New York dancing. Say "Groundhog Day" and a grumpy Bill Murray as an undervalued weatherman experiences the same thing all over; day after day after day after day.

In 'Behind the Scenes' our memory is taking us for a ride - as usual. The recollections and associations don't match up. Things are happening that never happened in the film. Or did they? Or did they happen just a little differently? Or didn't they happen at all? Or... cóuld it have happened... if you could have had a glimpse behind the scenes..., had a peek in the kitchen..., could have been a fly on the wall...?