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La Chocolatière Brûlée (2005)
For ensemble
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Nieuw Ensemble
photo: Kadir van Lohuizen

La Chocolatière Brûlée is a sequel to La Belle Chocolatière, that was written a year earlier for the Nieuw Ensemble. It is named after the well-known Droste-cacao-tin from 1900 with the image of a handsome nurse on it that holds a tin of cacao in her hand, with holds the image of the same nurse that holds the exact same tin of cacao, with holds the image of the same nurse that... etc. In La Chocolatière Brûlée the cacao-girl tries to catch a glimpse of her own Droste-likenesses by slowly looking over her shoulder. A narcissist's errand that does not produce a glance in the mirror, but only ripples in the water and - just like in Ovid's Metamorphosis - can only lead to disappointment.

Instrumentation I (Nieuw Ensemble): fl, ob, cl, git, mand, harp, perc, vl, vla, vlc, cb

Instrumentation II (Ives Ensemble): a-fl, ob, cl, bsn, pf, harp, perc, vl 1, vl 2, vla, vlc, cb

Duration: ± 10 minutes

First performance: 12 januari 2005 in the Studiozaal in Tilburg by the Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Bas Wiegers

Written for: Nieuw Ensemble

On the occassion of: Anjer Music Award 2005 (Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds)

Reviews "Only La Chocolatière Brûlée by Mayke Nas had sounded before in the Netherlands, although in a slightly different instrumentation, last year with the Nieuw Ensemble. With small gestures, Nas playes a fascinating game of motion and stagnation. Thin sound fields of high and low notes are interrupted repeatedly, as if bouncing against the same invisible obstacle. With minimal means, Nas reaches a high degree of refinement."
(Michel Khalifa in Parool, 30 november 2006)

"Mayke Nas uses delicate sounds of tearing paper and violin harmonics and lets every phrase begin with a brilliantly found combination of a rasping percussion sound with a low note in the double bass."
(Bela Luttmer in Volkskrant, 30 november 2006)"