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No reason to panic (2006-2008)
For winds, percussion and double basses
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To hell! (2005-2008)
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Douze Mains (2008)

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
photo: Simon van Boxtel
Instrumentation: 3 fl (2 picc), 2 ob, 2 cl, 3 bsn (1 contra-bsn), 4 cor, 2 trp, 3 trbn, 1 tuba, 1 timp, 1 perc, 8 cb

Duration: ± 6 minutes

First performance: 5 oktober 2006 in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Jurowski

Written for: the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Commissioned by: the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Publisher: Donemus

Reviews: "And suddenly this fresh music sounded, right through the hoisting of the grand piano. Flutes that played their ascending lines in different time-divisions, sometimes together with a piccolo. Pulsating double basses. Percussion, that was enlarged with a lion's roar, a howling drum. The conversations died down, the audience feasted upon this spicy intermediate course. The explanation came during the break. The composition turned out to be a commissioned new piece by Mayke Nas (1972) with the fitting title No reason to panic."
(Bela Luttmer in Volkskrant, 7 oktober 2006)

"And thus the worldpremière of No reason to panic sounded during the hoisting and dragging of the grand piano, composed on request of the orchestra by the young Mayke Nas, who is not only creating a furore in the Netherlands, but also abroad. In the line-up the violinists, who had to leave the stage momentarily, were missing, but with the last rows of the orchestra (winds, double basses and percussion) plenty of fine music could be made under the direction of Vladimir Jurowski"
(Kasper Jansen in NRC, 7 oktober 2006)

Audio sample of a live performance by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by David Robertson
Large machines and trucks beep when they drive backwards. During No reason to panic part of the stage descends into the catacombs to rise back up again with a grand piano on it. The orchestra runs wild with cries of alarms. No reason to panic.