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Onder Ons / Among Us (2004)
For ensemble
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Musique qui (2004)

Orkest de Volharding
photos and shirts: Annelys de Vet
In collaboration with: Annelys de Vet

Instrumentation: variable (9 to 12 players)

Duration: variable (10 to 30 minutes)

First performance: 16 april 2004 by Orkest de Volharding in the Korzo Theater in The Hague

Written for: Orkest de Volharding

Commissioned by: Orkest de Volharding

Review of a performance in the Dublin Fringe Festival: "Watching somebody type may not sound fascinating but in this quirky musical performance from Dutch duo Mayke Nas and Annelys de Vet, the stream of consciousness that floods de Vet's laptop screen responds to the surges of wind and brass instruments that fill the air. This is typing as performance.
Her words comment on relationships, emotions, on theatre directing, on drinking, on visiting Dublin - "I did not expect so many drunk people on the streets" - while students from the Royal Irish Academy of Music are scattered on barstools among the pub's regulars, creating a musical dialogue that ends in a volley of staccato blasts. A second visit is demanded to see if it's all as impromptu as it seems."

(Helen Meany in the Irish Times, 6 oktober 2004)
'Among Us' is a surreal musical conversation, unexpectedly in the bar, suddenly sitting next to you. A performance of trumpets chattering amongst themselves, trombones mumbling at eachother, saxophones seducing and a lonesome player in the bathroom.

The bar is filled with clouds of communication. Each visitor has his own role; theatre-lover, eternal student, would-be or past lover, local fool, habitué, soaker, bachelor, seducer or wrong friend. Every encounter takes place in a well-known environment which is alienated, where ordering a drink, or seating oneself at a table is deprived of its commonplace, but nevertheless unexpectedly appealing.

video impression of a performance by Orkest de Volharding
camera: Patriez van der Wens, montage: Annelys de Vet