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"Mayke Nas has an above average sense of humour."
(Floris Don, de NRC, 17 mei 2016)

"With her Down the Rabbit-Hole, especially written for the RCO, Nas shows she has a lot to offer. In well over ten minutes she constructs a fascinating discours of multicoloured tinkling, curiously subsiding stacks of thirds. Towards the end the chords remind one of giggling, or perhaps little sobs."
(Frits van der Waa, de Volkskrant, 18 december 2012)

"Very successful as well was Down the Rabbit-Hole, the newly commisioned work by Mayke Nas (1972). Evocative Alice-music in a series of strong tableaus, with sustained violin harmonics, dopplering winds and small eruptions of percussive, brilliant sound."
(Joep Stapel, de NRC, 17 december 2012)

"Even more hilarious was Mayke Nas' Douze Mains. Six chattering musicians with an apron on plunge into a grand piano with dishwashing brushes. The contemporary music scene deserves adventurous boosts like these more often."
(Mark van de Voort, Brabants Dagblad, 9 mei 2011)

"If you are allergic to modern music there is certainly no reason to panic over No reason to panic. This is an intriguing and at many points an exciting piece as well, a madcap excursion that tested the audience ability to adapt and respond—which they do very well here, applause breaking out before the piece is even concluded."
(Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition, 21 december 2010)

"Filter or flip! is as absurdistic as it is beautiful. Moreover Nas excellently makes use of the qualities of the Vocalsolisten, who master the whole spectrum between opera, close harmony and avant-gardistic experiment with their gorgeous voices."
(Jochem Valkenburg, NRC Handelsblad, 30 april 2010)

"To Hell! by Mayke Nas shines in all aspects, with van Els as rendering soul in the middle."
(Jan van Laar, Elsevier, 27 maart 2010)

"withorwithout by the Dutch composer Mayke Nas (1972), ten concise, completely different variations on the second Bagatelle by Anton Webern, is a dazzling, ingenious work. Nas has even created an "airquartet”; the players put down their instruments, make expressive gestures with their hands and the audience can imagine the music."
(Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsingin Sanomat, 16 november 2009)

"Twelve Hands (Douze Mains), by Mayke Nas, is a mischievous work for a topless piano and six musicians wielding kitchen utensils, bank cards and mallets. Operating table imagery is encouraged by such movement titles as "Doc, it's only a scratch." Imagine a harp with a drum kit transplant, and you've got some idea of the sound."
(Angela Lehman-Rios, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 18 september 2009)

"(...) The works not afraid to admit some humour Giel Vleggaar's Atomic UFO Saves the Day (Again) and Mayke Nas's jaunty La Belle Chocolatière fared much better. Remember both names."
(Neil Fisher, The Times, 26 November 2007)

"La Belle Chocolatière by Mayke Nas – who describes herself as “composer, searcher, slow-food cook, Bach fugue player” – was a pizzicato driven four minute whimsical delight."
(Andrew Flynn, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 23 November 2007)

"With small gestures, Mayke Nas playes a fascinating game of motion and stagnation in La Chocolatière Brûlée. With minimal means, Nas reaches a high degree of refinement."
(Michel Khalifa, Parool, 30 november 2006)

"The Dutch composer Mayke Nas's La Belle Chocolatière was a piquant, scurrying, almost Impressionist daydream. "
(John Parales, The New York Times, 6 juni 2006)